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2402 version 22.0.0 - 22.1.0

· 4 min read

[22.1.0] - 2024-03-20

This update includes performance improvements and some bug fixes. It is recommended to update your storefront to Ralph Storefront v2.3.0 with this update to really se some performance improvements.


  • Emitting the PointerEvent from CaClickable
  • Option to set preloaded image sizes for product page through $config.preLoadedProductImageSizes (Array). This is good to improve the LCP metric for the product page
  • Prop fetchProductsOnServer for CaWidgetArea to fetch products server side, which by default is set to false


  • Async and lazy loading for a lot of components
  • Cart is not fetched server side, instead it's fetched in MixGlobalInit in mounted hook
  • $ralphLog will now log both server and client side if active. Option to set $config.ralphLog.onlyInClient to turn off SSR logging


  • Ctrl + click to open in new tab now works for prodcut card through MixProductCard
  • Routing to other list page from search page bug

[22.0.2] - 2024-03-11


  • Fixed an issue with the cart cookie not being removed properly on the confirm page for external checkout
  • Cart ID is now always saved as cookie even before anything is added to the cart
  • External checkout will now init when it has data even if data does not exist at mounted
  • Auto resetting cart if not valid

[22.0.1] - 2024-03-06


  • Fixed a bug with CaFilterMultiTreeView where no children was added to the item and therefore not showing any sub tree
  • Fixed a CSS bug in ca-list-filters making the container too large on smaller screens if having long filter names
  • No longer deselecting parents when deselecting children in CaFilterMultiTreeView
  • CSS bug with CaSkeleton in CaListFilters

[22.0.0] - 2024-02-29

This major update will require you to update your storefront to Ralph Storefront v2.2.0 and to use Node v.16.x.x.


  • New mixin MixFetch, used for fetching and mutating data from the api instead of apollo smart queries in components
  • New global function $fetchData, used for fetching data from the api in asyncData or in the store
  • New global function $error404, used for redirecting to 404 page
  • New global function $redirectToCanonical, used for redirecting to the canonical url
  • A more consistent and reliable way of handling errors
  • New global function $ralphLogError, used for logging errors to the console
  • New error events emitted to the store:
    • error:api - data payload: error
    • error:404 - data payload: error
    • error:500 - data payload: error
  • A way to control what $ralphLog logs to the console in debug mode through the $config variable ralphLog, see Ralph Storefront v.2.2.0
  • Some missing documentation for components and mixins
  • Improved error feedback for CaCheckoutInvoice


  • All queries and mutations are now using the functionality from MixFetch instead of apollo smart queries, and are made in the asyncData or in the fetch hook
  • CaCheckoutExternal is refactored and is no longer fetching is own confirm frame, use the one you get in MixConfirmPage instead
  • Replaced all uses of eventbus with this.$ralphBus
  • Option to set refetchQueires as a param for the auth/update action
  • Refactoring of CaWidgetArea to use MixFetch or to get data from the parent, if it's a page. This to make a better handling of 404 errors amongst other things
  • Refactoring of MixVariantHandler and make it work properly when variants has the same value


  • Removed MixApolloRefetch mixin, functionality exists in MixFetch instead
  • Removed CaCheckoutCarismar component, use CaCheckoutInvoice instead
  • Unnecessary isSign in AuthClient


  • Correct 404 handling for Pages through MixContentPage
  • Suspention of external checkout frame now works properly
  • Prevents refetching of queries on first init auth refresh, it's not needed
  • Latest products and favorites mode in CaWidgetProductList now works properly
  • Close product image modal gallery when backing from PDP
  • Added missing ca-account-header.scss