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Version: v1.12.4

Geins Management API

Geins Management API is a RESTful api that powers your applications and helps you manage your Geins services. Geins provides an easy-to-use and scalable solution for managing all aspects of an online store, from product listings and customer information to order processing and payment transactions.


With this API, you can build custom applications and integrate with third-party systems, feeds, dashboards and other bussiness logic apps.

Getting started

Once you have created an account, you can start using the Management API by creating an API User. You can create as many API users as you need. Each API user is connected to a specific account so you can keep track of operations and manage keys.
You can find all your API credentials in Geins Merchant Center.

Fast track

Use one of our SDKs to get started quickly. The SDKs are available for the most popular programming languages and frameworks.

Or, if you prefer to just take it for a test run:

Run in Postman


Two authentication methods are required:

  • Basic Auth
  • API Key

All API credentials can be found in Geins Merchant Center.

Basic Auth

A Basic auth Authorization header needs to be included in every request. The value should be Basic <credentials> where <credentials> is the Base64 encoding of your API username and API password joined by a single colon :.
See Wikipedia for more information on Basic auth.


A X-ApiKey header needs to be included in every request. This header should contain the value of your API key.


curl -X GET "" \
-H "Authorization: Basic [USER-CREDENTIALS-BASE64-ENCODED]" \
-H "X-ApiKey: [API-KEY]"