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2307 version 20.0.0 - 20.3.5

· 4 min read

[20.3.5] - 2023-12-04


  • The navigation menus to only display items with labels and eliminating empty items

[20.3.4] - 2023-11-27


  • CaFilterMultiTreeView: unselect children when parent is unselected
  • CaImage: invalid property value (CSS)

[20.3.3] - 2023-11-22


  • Prevent closing CaHeaderNavigation when clicking between links

[20.3.2] - 2023-11-06


  • Added missed return

[20.3.1] - 2023-11-06


  • Made sure that no setInterval could keep running forever in case of error
  • Prevent default on 'dragstart' event causing bug in CaSlide when using Firefox

[20.3.0] - 2023-10-12


  • Rows that shows if balance is being used to pay the order in cart summary


  • Apollo cache is now always cleared on log in and log out, not only when using price lists


  • Bug that displayed current max count higher than total count in pagination
  • Correct default values for checkbox bg color and border color

[20.2.2] - 2023-10-05


  • Bug that in some cases generates SSR errors because of conditional rendering
  • Not showing title if CaWidgetProductList has no products

[20.2.1] - 2023-10-03


  • Supply all image sizes for isThumbnailModeGrid in CaProductGallery.

[20.2.0] - 2023-09-26


When upgrading your storefront, make sure to add the language keys "REFUNDS" and "REFUNDED"


  • Support in cart to show refunded items
  • Showing refunds on order detail page under "My account"
  • Generated documentation files

[20.1.0] - 2023-09-06


  • Limit of tries to relocate product in list pages to protect against infinite loops in erreoneous listings
  • Option to scroll to top in resetCurrentPage function
  • regularPriceIncVat and regularPriceExVat to price fragment
  • Correct route handling for checkout confirm if using manual invoice
  • Correct data for the checkout:purchase event when using manual invoice


  • Bug that breaks the confirm page when using manual invoice
  • Bug that in some cases showed the second page twice in list pagination
  • Bug that didn't relocate product properly when backing from PDP to list page
  • Retaining query and hash in multi lang / multi market pages when adding lang and market to url when it's missing
  • Clear cache on auth refresh to ensure correct prices for customers with price lists

[20.0.2] - 2023-08-15


  • Meta data from API now works again for list pages that doesn't use MixListPage, for example list pages from external services (e.g. Voyado Elevate)


  • MixMetaReplacement and head() for list pages is moved from MixListPage to MixListInfo

[20.0.1] - 2023-08-14


  • Typo in CaMarketPanel classname
  • Broken image filenames in CaProductGalleryModal (revert to previous code)
  • Exclude duplicated first image in CaProductGallery when using thumbnail-mode="grid"

[20.0.0] - 2023-07-24

This version has a lot of overall SEO improvements and also introduces full flexibility in creating your own widgets.

Breaking changes in this major release

You will need to make these updates to your storefront to be able to use this version of Ralph UI:

  • Update all list pages to use MixListInfo or staticListInfo

  • Update everywhere ProductType is used to use product.productImages instead of product.images

  • Update CaListPage so that CaWidgetArea is fetched by itself

  • Remove the use of @nuxtjs/gtm and implement the use of @geins/ralph-module-gtm instead

    See guide for implementation


  • Slot in CaFeedback that can be used instead of message
  • Custom defaultSort for a page via customSortRoutes in $config
  • Improved SEO for pagination
  • Gtin13 option in product schema
  • Enabled product change in product card, passing an array insted of one product
  • Prop fetchProductsOnlyClientSide for widget areas
  • Overridable widget type
  • JSON widget
  • Mixin for brands page functionality
  • Possibility to link directly to an active cart, like so:{cartId}


  • Bug in pagination
  • Remove non-POJOs warning
  • Bug with variant pickers showing more than 1 active variant when they share title
  • Correct request url in page impression event
  • Do not break checkout if no consents


  • Splitted listPageInfo into it's own query to allow externally fetched products and filters
  • Product list and product are now fetched server side for SEO reasons
  • Decreased number of api calls to products
  • Separating top widget area from list page query


  • getCheckout & getCheckoutAndOrder queries, use checkout instead
  • Use of Ralph UI internal GTM - use @geins/ralph-module-gtm instead (removing $config.useExternalGtm from config)
  • The use of product.images on ProductType - use product.productImages instead