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2301 version 15.2.0

· 2 min read


  • Global multiple language, market and currency support

  • Country selector component

  • Global function to clear apollo cache in store

  • Broadcasting change of marketId between tabs

  • Define default host and port for Vuese

  • Script to run documentation in parallel during the development

  • New prop to control in which state to open the menu - hover or click. Defaults to hover. How to use:



  • Favorites are now using product id instead of alias, but will support alias
  • Moved apollo-config.js into Ralph UI
  • Moved call for global meta into Ralph UI
  • Name of MixCache to more describing MixApolloRefetch
  • MarketId now only has one source of truth, removing unnecessary calls to createOrUpdateCheckout
  • Country selector now updating according to external changes in marketId
  • Improved input types in account settings and checkout for better user experience.


  • Fix product list slider (add error in case of missing config variable). Clients' storefronts should be updated. Make sure in nuxt.config.js in property publicRuntimeConfig:
    • Check if property breakpoints and productListScrollSize have a property desktopBig with a value set
    • Changing marketId will now trigger refetch of active Apollo queries
    • Fix for non functioning favorite removal
    • Fix for nShift (udc) bug in setting externalShippingId. Needs addition of :data-is-set="udcDataSet" to CaUdc widget in CaCheckout
  • Checkout not updating when changing marketId but keeping same currency