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2303 version 17.0.0

· 2 min read
Breaking changes in this major release

This update will require you to add:

  • channel.js to your store folder.
  • Domain and market settings to nuxt.config.js.
  • @mixin scrollbarStyle to your styles/helpers/_layout.scss file.
  • Settings showProductReviewSection, and showStarsInProductReviewForm to publicRuntimeConfig in nuxt.config.js

You will also need to:

  • Update .env file.

  • Update Dockerfile.

  • Update your .env-file to use FALLBACK_MARKET_ALIAS instead of FALLBACK_MARKET_ID and the format should be for example "se" for Sweden.

  • Fetch fallback markets from the api in nuxt.config.

    See guide for implementation



  • .env-variable FALLBACK_MARKET_ID is now called FALLBACK_MARKET_ALIAS
  • Redirect for not allowed langugaes on market
  • channelId, marketAlias and markets are moved into new section of store: channel
  • All market routing is now handled through default middleware
  • Global $getPath function now takes market and locale as arguments
  • checkoutMarket and currentMarket has been separated to avoid routing to unavailable markets
  • currentWidget function has been separated from CaWidget to make it easier to override


  • Fix for console error for enableBodyScroll when leaving PDP
  • Widget Flowbox - fixed bug with initialization (generating pseudo id), loading widget only on client side, handle dynamic product flow option