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2207 version 13.2.0

· 2 min read

This update will need you to add a channelSettings.js file in the config folder and to change your environment variables. See Project Ralph for reference


  • Srcset prop for CaImage
  • Add filtermode to product request
  • Walley Checkout support
  • Added languageId to all endpoints
  • Added currentBaseUrl which is based on channelId
  • Added fallback for channelId
  • Added channelSettings to store
  • Divide requests, move filter request from withAreaCombine


  • Fix view skeleton without apiKey
  • Fix layout shift title
  • Walley payment method fix for null orderId
  • Fix send headers after send to the client in checkout page
  • Fixes nShift bug related to input fields in nShift frame without debouncer
  • Fixed bug in gtm push that causes error in checkout on reload
  • Fix server requests to product widget in CaWidgetProductList
  • Fix static parameters for filters
  • Set Filtermode with any ui filters
  • Feedback for nShift/UDC handled correctly
  • Set Filtermode with right condition
  • Fix filters cache in category page
  • Cart items change when modifying promo code
  • Minor fix of product combine query
  • Minor nosto fix of checkout event
  • Reverted new baseUrl handling until better solution is found
  • JSON.parse for baseUrl
  • Fix search channelId empty value
  • Fix combine variables in no filter request
  • Fix nosto checkout event
  • Fix bug with latest/favorite widget


  • Unnecessary check for checkout-container element on external checkout init
  • Removed channel-settings from store