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The PWA launchpad contains alot of useful components that can be used to build your e-commerce store. These components are built using nuxt.js and vue.js. Use it with the Design System to build your store with ease. Have a look at Ralph UI to see all the components available.

Configuration for your launchpad

In short; everything is set up for you. You can start building your store right away. This launchpad also comes with a test drive payment gateway and a freight checkout. This means that you can test your store right out-the-box without having to set up a payment gateway or freight provider.

Content and CMS

Content is the most important part of your e-commerce. It is what makes your website stand out from the competition. It is what makes your website memorable. It is what makes your e-commerce successful.

Launchpad for building Klaviyo integrations

This Klaviyo integration launchpad is built on Azure Functions. The launchpad is a starting point for building Klaviyo integrations. The launchpad is an fork of the Geins Integration Launchpad

Why and Geins?

Skip tedious manual work and automate the process of tagging products with meta data from product images in Geins with AI technology by Pixyle.